Special Theme Issue/ Consumer Winner

Diablo Magazine, November 2019

“DIABLO magazine is written for the discerning and most affluent residents of the San Francisco East Bay. Every issue speaks to the most top-of-mind topics within the community. Readers are also informed about local news and trends and personalities, plus all that is current regarding dining, shopping, entertainment, education, recreation and how to enjoy an active East Bay lifestyle. DIABLO READERS are mostly female (66%) and are affluent (avg HHI of $289,000) homeowners (avg home value of $1.65 million). They are educated (84% with a college degree, 35% with postgraduate degrees) and raising or have raised families (72% are married and 29% have children living at home). They thoroughly enjoy reading Diablo magazine (92% spend up to an hour with each issue) and refer to it often (76% keep their issues for a month or longer). WITH THIS ISSUE we expand upon our monthly dining coverage and explore the East Bay as a culinary epicenter. Article after article, we look at the chefs, food producers and restaurateurs in our region, plus trends, ingredients and new ways to experience dining out.”


Executive Editor: Deborah Kirk

Art Director: David Bergeron

Publisher: Barney Fonzi

Diablo Publications

2520 Camino Diablo

Walnut Creek, CA 94597

925 943 1111


Special Theme Issue/ Consumer Awards of Excellence

Beyond the Acorn, November/December 2019
"Beyond the Acorn is a quarterly regional lifestyle magazine whose mission is to inspire, inform and introduce readers to the treasures of the region with a trusted, familiar and friendly voice. The magazine's content celebrates the spirit of local living; each issue shares stories of the people, history and culture that make up our region. The publication aims to be a reflection of its readers: families and community-oriented residents who actively contribute to the communities in which they reside. ""How Our Community Heals"" is a tribute issue honoring and remembering the resilience, hopefulness and togetherness felt across the region in the year after it was struck by both a mass shooting and two devastating wildfires in less than 48 hours. In the face of tragedy and loss, local residents found sources of strength and healing in dance, companionship, music, art and purpose. Their stories are told in the issue's editorial features, collectively titled ""A Year Later: Honoring and Remembering."" This issue encapsulates a community's ability to spread light even in the darkest of times."
Reason Magazine, August/September 2019
Reason is dedicated to the exploration, celebration, and defense of "Free Minds and Free Markets." Founded as a monthly print magazine in 1968, Reason seeks to provide a compelling and distinctively libertarian alternative to conventional right-wing and left-wing thought. Through a continuously updated mix of features, commentary, news reporting, podcasts, and original videos, we champion a world of expanding choice--in lifestyles, personal identities, consumer goods, work arrangements, and more--and explore the necessary policies and preconditions for such a world. Our readership is 89 percent male/11 percent female for print and 80 percent male/20 percent female online; the median household income is $115k print/$89k online; the median age of our print readers is 51 and the median age for web readers is 39.