Special Interest/ Consumer Winner

1889 Washington's Magazine, June/July 2019

“Paddle the Puget Sound with us. Walk the sands of Long Beach. Reserve that cozy cabin in Olympic National Park. Glide the nordic trails of Mazama. Weave through the Columbia Gorge and Walla Walla, sipping good Cabernet Francs as you go. Run the Centennial Trail of Spokane. 1889 Washington’s Magazine is your insider’s statewide guide to cultural travel in the Evergreen State. 1889 explores the people, places and recreation that make Washington a Pacific Northwest jewel. 1889 is your guide to how to live, think and explore the wonders of Washington. Our content fits neatly into three categories: Live, Think and Explore. Each of these has its own distinct flavor yet fits perfectly into the overall architecture of each issue. From Home + Design and Trip Planner to Bibliophile and Startups, this content touches on all parts of the brain. Our readers lead active lifestyles and travel often, with household incomes above $100,000. Our readers are 55 percent women, 45 percent men, and 85 percent are homeowners.”


Executive Editor: Kevin Max

Art Director:Allison Bye

Statehood Media

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Bend, OR 97703

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Special Interest/ Consumer Awards of Excellence

Where Traveler Los Angeles, September 2019
WHERE TRAVELER Los Angeles is a monthly guidebook-style magazine for readers on the go, available at upscale hotels and select visitor and shopping centers. Information-rich content, including timely features, comprehensive listings and easy-to-use maps, provides visitors with the county’s most complete guide to top restaurants, shops, shows, attractions, exhibits and tours.
Sierra Magazine, March/April 2019
Sierra is the storytelling arm of the Sierra Club, the United States’ oldest and largest grassroots environmental group. Sierra is the modern version of the original Sierra Club Bulletin, created by famed naturalist John Muir in 1893. Today, the magazine publishes bimonthly in print and every day online. Sierra is carefully designed to visualize the journalism of our award-winning writers with images and illustrations that deliver an immediacy and impact to those stories. We pair vanguard photographers across the globe with reporters in the field to produce stories that both capture the depth and beauty of the natural world, while conveying the significance of protecting it.
Reason Magazine, February 2019
Reason is dedicated to the exploration, celebration, and defense of "Free Minds and Free Markets." Founded as a monthly print magazine in 1968, Reason seeks to provide a compelling and distinctively libertarian alternative to conventional right-wing and left-wing thought. Through a continuously updated mix of features, commentary, news reporting, podcasts, and original videos, we champion a world of expanding choice--in lifestyles, personal identities, consumer goods, work arrangements, and more--and explore the necessary policies and preconditions for such a world. Our readership is 89 percent male/11 percent female for print and 80 percent male/20 percent female online; the median household income is $115k print/$89k online; the median age of our print readers is 51 and the median age for web readers is 39.