Signed Editorial or Essay/ Consumer&Trade Winners

Can You Taste the Roasting System? Matching Roasting Profiles on Different Machines

Roast Magazine, May/June 2019

“Roast Magazine is a bi-monthly technical trade journal dedicated to the success and growth of the specialty coffee industry, established in 2004. Roast addresses the art, science and business of coffee roasters by covering the issues most important to them, with quality editorial content focused on the technical aspects of coffee. With well-written and edited articles, Roast offers technical and compelling information that isn’t available anywhere else in the industry. Readers include industry professionals such as coffee roasters, retailers, distributors, buyers and exporters. The majority of Roast’s 9,000+ subscribers are located in the U.S., with 1,000+ copies circulated internationally in more than 70 countries. Additionally, the digital edition of the magazine receives over 1,000 views per issue. Since 2011, Roast’s online platform — Daily Coffee News — has been an authoritative news source and essential reading for the specialty coffee industry, with more than 115,000 monthly visits and a twice-weekly e-newsletter that reaches 18,000+ subscribers.”


Executive Editor: Lily Kubota

Art Director: Jeremy Leff

Writers: Anne Cooper and Rob Hoos

Publisher: Connie Blumhardt

Roast Magazine

1631 NE Broadway

Portland, OR ​97232

503 282 2399

Time to Fix the Population Fixation

Sierra Magazine, November/December 2019

Sierra is the storytelling arm of the Sierra Club, the United States’ oldest and largest grassroots environmental group. Sierra is the modern version of the original Sierra Club Bulletin, created by famed naturalist John Muir in 1893. Today, the magazine publishes bimonthly in print and every day online. Sierra is carefully designed to visualize the journalism of our award-winning writers with images and illustrations that deliver an immediacy and impact to those stories. We pair vanguard photographers across the globe with reporters in the field to produce stories that both capture the depth and beauty of the natural world, while conveying the significance of protecting it.

Executive Editor: Jason Mark

Art Director: Rachel Griffiths

Writers: Wendy Becktold

Publisher: Connie Blumhardt

Sierra Club

2101 Webster Street, Suite 1300

Oakland, CA ​94612

415 977 5691

Signed Editorial or Essay/ Consumer&Trade Awards of Excellence

Desert Companion, May 2019
Desert Companion is the premier city magazine that celebrates the pursuits, passions and aspirations of Southern Nevadans. With award-winning lifestyle journalism and design, Desert Companion does more than inform and entertain. We spark dialogue, engage people and define the spirit of the Las Vegas Valley.
Exhibitor Magazine, April 2019
"At EXHIBITOR magazine, our mission is to provide exhibit and event marketers with the tools and education to produce high-performance programs with measurable results. Editorial Profile: As the leading publication for trade show and event professionals, EXHIBITOR provides case studies, how-to articles, trend reports, research reports, and tips on everything from logistics to cost cutting, to help exhibit and event managers produce high-performance face-to-face marketing programs with measurable results. EXHIBITOR also encourages excellence and innovation through awards programs designed to honor effective exhibit promotions, results-driven exhibit managers, strategic corporate events, and the world’s most stunning exhibit designs. Demographic Profile: Corporate exhibit and event managers, marketing managers/directors, sales managers, and executives from small and large companies across all SIC codes. The majority of readers oversee 11+ trade shows/events per year. Average monthly print circulation is 25,000."
Sactown Magazine, February/March 2019
When we launched SACTOWN, one of our primary motivators was that Sacramento was one of the largest American cities without a distinct national identity, and we wanted to help brand the city by telling great stories that reflect the character of this region. We believe that the city magazine format is unique in its ability to lure readers with excellent service journalism, while exposing them to big ideas, long-form journalism and civic advocacy pieces, sparking a dialogue about our shared experience as Sacramentans. SACTOWN has a circulation of 40,000 and targets educated readers between the ages of 25-65. Some are new residents eager to get to know their new city, and others are longtime locals who are passionate about their hometown.