Quarterlies/ Consumer Winner

Aspen Sojourner, Holiday 2019

Aspen Sojourner has been the Roaring Fork Valley’s preeminent general-interest magazine for the past 25 years. Its mission is to provide visitors, part-time residents, and year-round locals with an informative, engaging magazine that deepens their relationship with Aspen, Snowmass, and the Roaring Fork Valley in the most authentic way possible. Serving such a diverse mix of readers–some born in Aspen, others in town for the first time, plus every length of relationship in between–is challenging. To pull it off, Aspen Sojourner focuses on deep reporting, the highest possible quality in writing and photography, and, again, authenticity, which appeals to all types. Distribution includes Aspen- and Snowmass-area hotel rooms, subscribers around the world (including in 49 of 50 United States), newsstands in more than 20 states, and United, Delta and American Airline Clubs at more than 77 locations in the United States.

Executive Editor: Cindy Hirschfeld

Art Director: Anne Reeser

Publisher: Nancy M. Mayer

Aspen Sojourner

411 E. Main Street, Suite 211

Aspen, CO ​81611

​970 429 5849


Quarterlies/ Consumer Awards of Excellence

Beyond the Acorn, November/December 2019
"Beyond the Acorn is a quarterly regional lifestyle magazine whose mission is to inspire, inform and introduce readers to the treasures of the region with a trusted, familiar and friendly voice. The magazine's content celebrates the spirit of local living; each issue shares stories of the people, history and culture that make up our region. The publication aims to be a reflection of its readers: families and community-oriented residents who actively contribute to the communities in which they reside."
ElectriCar Magazine, December 2019
ElectriCar Magazine is the world’s first electric automobile media brand directed to the 21st century and is intended to be a definitive electric automobile resource; informing, advocating and influencing what we will be driving as the automotive industry changes to non-fossil-fuel transportation. Our goal is to translate the technical into the relatable and bring a clear, consumer-focused understanding of the complex electric and hybrid electric automobiles to the consumer. We are constantly working to publish the most current information available to better a reader’s experience, and to publish content that is useful to an electric or hybrid electric automobile buyer.