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Journal of the California Dental Association, October 2019

The Journal of the California Dental Association is a peer-reviewed, monthly, open access journal that provides evidence-based information to improve dentists’ clinical care of their patients. The Journal of the California Dental Association publishes review and original research articles along with content geared to provide dentists, educators and policymakers.


Executive Editor: Kerry K. Carney, DDS, CDA

Art Director: Cris Weber

California Dental Association

​1201 K St., 14th Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

915 554 5950

Medical, Dental & Related Services/ Trade Awards of Excellence

Dental Product Shopper, April 2019
As a fully integrated print and digital B-to-B platform, Dental Product Shopper is dedicated to bringing in-depth product information to the dental profession. We strive to help clinicians make informed purchasing decisions by sharing the real-world experiences of their peers through our product evaluations. By combining the latest product information with the unbiased opinions of independent product evaluators, we create the opportunity for clinicians to make purchasing decisions best suited to further both their patient care and their practices.
Critical Care Nurse, October 2019
The mission of the journal Critical Care Nurse is to provide critical care and acute care nurses with accurate, relevant, and useful information concerning the bedside care of critically and acutely ill patients and to keep critical and acute care nurses informed on issues that affect their practice. By reading any issue of Critical Care Nurse, critical care and acute care nurses should benefit through increased knowledge concerning critical and acute care nursing practice and be able to use this knowledge to care for patients and their families in a more effective manner.
American Journal of Critical Care, November 2019
The American Journal of Critical Care (AJCC) is the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses' (AACN's) preeminent peer-reviewed publication for communicating advances in critical care research. This bimonthly journal’s mission is to create a space for readers and members of AACN to engage with original research and innovation in critical care. The journal publishes original clinical, translational, and health services research studies that address questions relevant to nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other health care practitioners delivering critical care. It provides clinically relevant content to a diverse readership that includes more than 120,000 critical care professionals worldwide: the largest multidisciplinary audience of any critical care research publication.