Cover/ Consumer Winner

Sactown Magazine, August/September 2019

When we launched SACTOWN, one of our primary motivators was that Sacramento was one of the largest American cities without a distinct national identity, and we wanted to help brand the city by telling great stories that reflect the character of this region. We believe that the city magazine format is unique in its ability to lure readers with excellent service journalism, while exposing them to big ideas, long-form journalism and civic advocacy pieces, sparking a dialogue about our shared experience as Sacramentans. SACTOWN has a circulation of 40,000 and targets educated readers between the ages of 25-65. Some are new residents eager to get to know their new city, and others are longtime locals who are passionate about their hometown.


Executive Editor: Elyssa Lee and Rob Turner

Art Director: Elyssa Lee and Rob Turner

Sactown Magazine

​1107 9th Street​, Suite 900​

Sacramento, CA 95814​

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Cover/ Consumer Awards of Excellence

Diablo Magazine, October 2019
"DIABLO magazine is written for the discerning and most affluent residents of the San Francisco East Bay. Every issue speaks to the most top-of-mind topics within the community. Readers are also informed about local news and trends and personalities, plus all that is current regarding dining, shopping, entertainment, education, recreation and how to enjoy an active East Bay lifestyle. DIABLO READERS are mostly female (66%) and are affluent (avg HHI of $289,000) homeowners (avg home value of $1.65 million). They are educated (84% with a college degree, 35% with postgraduate degrees) and raising or have raised families (72% are married and 29% have children living at home). They thoroughly enjoy reading Diablo magazine (92% spend up to an hour with each issue) and refer to it often (76% keep their issues for a month or longer)."
Outreach Magazine, March/April 2019
"Outreach magazine is the gathering place of ideas, insights and stories for Christian churches focused on reaching their community—locally and globally—with the love of Christ. Our primary readers are pastors and church leaders, as well as laity who are passionate about outreach. Outreach magazine serves as a fresh stream of practical resources and tactics for pastors and volunteer leadership in all areas of outreach. The magazine connects churches with the innovations, research and insights practiced in thriving churches and discussed in Outreach by authors, speakers and church leaders. Outreach magazine is published bimonthly by Outreach Inc. We are a nondenominational publication adhering to traditional biblical Christianity. The mission of Outreach is to further the kingdom of God by empowering Christian churches to reach their communities for Jesus Christ. Our vision is to share stories of outreach, helping Christian leadership discover the ideas, innovations and resources that will equip them to advance the kingdom of God through the outreach efforts of the local church."
Bend Magazine, November/December 2019
"Bend Magazine is the voice, the mirror and the advocate of the Central Oregon community. In every issue, our pages reveal the people, places and events that make living in Bend so vibrant and exciting year-round. With lively storytelling and captivating imagery, the diversity, personality, natural beauty and energy of Central Oregon comes to life. From outdoor adventure to food and drink, home and design to local business, the stories of the people who live and love Bend stimulate, educate and inspire. By exploring the region’s best stories on the page, Bend Magazine readers are called upon to live a life more deeply engaged in the nature, culture and community of Central Oregon. Our readers are active, vibrant and lovers of the community. Readers come from all over the globe, knowing that Bend Magazine will keep them connected to the Bend community—one of the most buzzed-about locations in the nation."