City & Metropolitan/ Consumer Winner

Sactown Magazine, August/September 2019

When we launched SACTOWN, one of our primary motivators was that Sacramento was one of the largest American cities without a distinct national identity, and we wanted to help brand the city by telling great stories that reflect the character of this region. We believe that the city magazine format is unique in its ability to lure readers with excellent service journalism, while exposing them to big ideas, long-form journalism and civic advocacy pieces, sparking a dialogue about our shared experience as Sacramentans. SACTOWN has a circulation of 40,000 and targets educated readers between the ages of 25-65. Some are new residents eager to get to know their new city, and others are longtime locals who are passionate about their hometown.

Executive Editor: Alan Gibbons

Art Director: Kelly Alexis Lewis

Writer: Tia O’Brien

Publisher: Christopher Schulz

Metropolis Publishing, LLC

​1107 9th Street​, Suite 900​

Sacramento, CA 95814​

​916 443 8348​

City & Metropolitan/ Consumer Awards of Excellence

Desert Companion, November 2019
Desert Companion is the premier city magazine that celebrates the pursuits, passions and aspirations of Southern Nevadans. With award-winning lifestyle journalism and design, Desert Companion does more than inform and entertain. We spark dialogue, engage people and define the spirit of the Las Vegas Valley.
Blue Door Magazine, April 2019
Design, art, architecture, food, real estate, and philanthropy for an affluent and aesthetically sophisticated coastal Orange County audience.
Orange Coast Magazine, April 2019
Orange Coast magazine uses smart and timely editorial content that represents the diversity of people and interests across Orange County to connect with the community. Because it covers 34 cities within Orange County, the magazine focuses on trends and issues that reflect the interests of the whole county. Each issue features an award-winning blend of service journalism, authoritative articles on dining and style, home design, profiles of community leaders, arts coverage, and compelling photography. The magazine is lively, provocative, and ingrained in the area since 1974 like no other in the market. Most of our readers are between ages 35 and 69 with a high household income and college degrees or post-graduate education. “Orange Coast magazine is a staple in my home. It gives us great ideas about what to do and where to go,” is a reaction reflected by many readers. With a wide variety of articles—such as profiles on local residents, dining reviews, and essays showing all aspects of life here—the magazine is relevant and surprising.