68th Annual Maggie Awards® Announces Dottie Awards ™ for 2020

  • Dottie Awards™ to Host Digital Only Brands for Excellence

B2B Media Company (B2B) announced the 68th Annual Maggie Awards® has launched the 2020 Dottie Awards ™ to serve the digital only media publishers, marketers, advertisers and public relations community. he Maggie Awards® are the publishing industry’s longest reigning awards program in the USA – celebrating its 68th year.

This year, the Maggie Awards® launched the Dottie Awards™ to better serve the digital only publishing industry. The Dotties will run alongside the Maggie Awards for 2020, with the Call4Entries opening October 7th, 2019. Over 300 digital only categories are now available for digital media, website, enewsletter, digital publications, marketing and advertising entries. Visit www.DottieAwards.net for details.

 “The new Dottie Awards ™ will be a compliment to the Maggie Awards® expanding honors to the online only publishers,” says Catherine Upton, Awards Chair. “The Dottie Awards ™ better reflect the work products of our digital communities and expand entrants to advertisers, marketing and PR communities,” concludes Upton.

The 2020 Dottie Awards™ include:

Best Website Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Student

Best Microsite Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Student

Best Website Article Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Student

Best Website Regularly Featured Article or Column Consumer Trade/Association/NPO

Best Online Buyers Guide Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO

Best Online Directory Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO

Best Online Visitor’s Guide Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO

Best eNewsletter Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO

Best Digital Publication/Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO

Best Blog Single or Series Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Personal/Marketing

Best Video Channel Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Advertising/Marketing

Best Use of Video in Editorial Short & Long Form Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Marketing

Best Use of Social Media Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Marketing

Best Social Media Community Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Personal/Marketing

The Dottie Awards™ also extend qualification to Maggie Awards ® entrants’ customers, ad agencies and public relations partners. In reality, Maggie Awards® participants can enter their customers into the Dottie Awards ™ along with their own digital only brands. The Best Marketing Campaigns categories range from Best Advertisement Single or Series to Best Use of Video and Social Media.  

Best Marketing Campaigns Categories include:

Best Advertisement -Single or Series Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Personal/Marketing

Best Use of Video Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Personal/Marketing

Best Use of Mobile in Advertising Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Personal/Marketing

Best Use of Social Media in Advertising Consumer/Trade/Association/NPO/Personal/Marketing

“The Maggie Awards® have a long-standing reputation of honoring excellence across print, online and digital media brands,” reports Catherine Upton, Maggie® Awards Chair. “B2B is honored to expand this tradition with the Dottie Awards® which will extend honors to the entire media channel from consumer, creator, marketer, editor, and publisher.”

The Dottie Awards® Call for Entries will open October 7th, 2019 at www.DottieAwards.net.  We welcome all digital only brands, advertisers, public relations, and marketing teams to enter for best-in-class accolades.  Call4Entries will be available on www.DottieAwards.com by October 7th

Dottie Awards™ Important Dates

Call for Entries Open       October 7th, 2019

Early Entries Close          October 31st, 2019

Late Entries Close            February 1st, 2020

Judging Starts                  February, 2020

Judging Ends                   February, 2020

Finalists are Notified         March, 2020

Awards Event                   April, 2020

To learn more about the Maggie Awards® visit: www.MaggieAwards.com  

About B2B Media Company

The 68th Annual Maggie Awards® and Dottie Awards™ are produced by B2B Media Company LLC. B2B is a privately held media company with 15 years’ experience hosting international award programs in technology and media. Past B2B honorees include the Department of Defense, Amazon, T-Mobile, NASCAR, Salesforce and many other elite organizations. B2B looks forward to sharing your brand’s excellence across the international media industry. Learn more at: www.B2BMediaCo.com

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