Single or Series of Editorial Photographs/ Consumer Winner

Brunch in Bloom

Windermere Living, Spring 2019

Windermere Living is the quarterly magazine of Windermere Real Estate, a family-owned firm with a network of more than 300 offices throughout the Western United States. Distributed to around 30,000 affluent households within the regions Windermere serves, the magazine puts home at its center with features and departments that cover interior design, entertaining, real estate trends, and more.


Executive Editor: Lara Hale

Art Director: Erika Kim

Photographer: Charity Burggraaf

SagaCity Media

921 SW Washington St, Suite 750

Portland, OR 97205

971 200 7017

Single or Series of Editorial Photographs/ Consumer Awards of Excellence

Desert Companion, October 2019
Desert Companion is the premier city magazine that celebrates the pursuits, passions and aspirations of Southern Nevadans. With award-winning lifestyle journalism and design, Desert Companion does more than inform and entertain. We spark dialogue, engage people and define the spirit of the Las Vegas Valley.
Sierra Magazine, July/August 2019
Sierra is the storytelling arm of the Sierra Club, the United States’ oldest and largest grassroots environmental group. Sierra is the modern version of the original Sierra Club Bulletin, created by famed naturalist John Muir in 1893. Today, the magazine publishes bimonthly in print and every day online. Sierra is carefully designed to visualize the journalism of our award-winning writers with images and illustrations that deliver an immediacy and impact to those stories. We pair vanguard photographers across the globe with reporters in the field to produce stories that both capture the depth and beauty of the natural world, while conveying the significance of protecting it.